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At Aurora Web Studio, we see so many businesses that are failing horribly with their online presence and are losing out on valuable business every day. Around 40% of people will immediately leave a website if the layout is not intuitive and attractive. We strive to provide SMEs with a dominant online presence and strategically built websites that will increase sales and blow your competition out of the water. Our team is highly skilled in a variety of technical departments and we look forward to planning your business’ future with you.

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What We Do

Web Design

At Aurora Web Studio, we pride ourselves in creating elegant and effective website designs that will simultaneously impress your prospects and increase sales conversions for your business. With us, it’s not a case of flash OR strategy… We do BOTH.

Web Development

Glasses on, coffee mug’s out. We have a very talented team of coders at Aurora who specialise in a range of web coding languages, including (but not limited to): Wordpress, PHP, CSS & HTML. Essentially, in normal speaking terms; we have the all the tech and development parts to websites handled, which allows this whole process to come to life and for your website to be fully optimized for performance on any device.


Brand is more than just a logo. It is both the images and feelings people associate with your business. At Aurora Web Studio, we like to sit down with you 1-to-1 and establish a brand that will truly resonate with your target market.

Modern & Mobile Responsive Design

We understand that in a rapidly changing digital world, it is important for businesses to stay ahead of the game when it comes to websites and online presence. 2014 marked the first year where over 50% of website views came from mobile devices. Mobile users are 5X more likely to leave a website if is not mobile optimised. To adapt to this change, responsive websites are absolutely crucial for resizing and adjusting the website to ensure an optimal viewing experience for customers on a range of devices. Furthermore, at Aurora Web Studio, we understand the importance of design, UI and UX to make the best impression on users of your website.

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A Unique & Dedicated Team

At Aurora Web Studio, we keep a tight-knit team that are in constant communication with each other to bring about fantastic results for our clients. We stick to our core values of providing customers outstanding service and always provide a premium service. Although we are based in Greater Manchester (UK), we like to keep the standard high and hire only the most talented staff members from both inside and outside the UK

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